Monday, August 22, 2011

Time-Warner RoadRunner speeds

Overall, I'm pleased with the internet service I get from RoadRunner.  My connection can definitely top out well over the 15Mbps it's rated at:

I could stand a little faster than 1.0Mbps upload, but that's pretty typical, as normal residential connections see very asynchronous traffic (download usage much higher than upload).

However, today I came home to find that my router had no WAN IP, and I was unable to view the modem status page at (give that a click if you have a Scientific Atlanta cable modem), so I power-cycled the modem.  Now usually, when I access that address, the only page I can view is the Status page.  All other ones are locked, and say "this feature is not enabled" - because we as users are "dumb" and don't "want" to see that information.  But - they are available while the modem's connection is not Locked, meaning if the cable is unplugged or the modem is still connecting.

I managed to snag a screenshot right before it locked me out again:

Truly amazing how fast the actual connection is.  And truly saddening to know how much throttling is being done on their end.  C'mon TW - would it really kill you to let me have 2 or 3 of that 30MBps upload?

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  1. What you're seeing there is probably the DOCSIS limit - not what TW can actually provide. Check out the table here listing max speeds: